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Welcome to Rentera Online

Rentera Online is a SMP Server focusing heavily on Towny, RPG and Economy elements! Most of our stuff is custom coded to offer a premium experience! We are partnered with a lot of Twitch Streamers/VTubers and our community is generally 18+.

As we have a lot of Custom Features on the server, use the pages to the left to learn more about our various plugins!

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Custom Towny

On Rentera we love Towny! We have therefor gotten a custom coded version done which is based on HuskTowns and AdvancedTowny. Comes with all the basic Towny Functionality that we all know and love, but is now simplified and has an optional UI for management.
Towns is the only way for you to protect Land on our Server! Towns claim Chunks which makes them protected to their Town and it's Members.

For a full rundown of how our Towny System works, check out this video I made: [Video Not Made Yet]

To get started with Towns, you can either create your own or ask in Chat if there is one you can join.

To Create your own Town, simply go to the Wilderness with /RTP, find your place, and use the following Command: /Town Create [NameHere] - As you can see, you can click the message to Claim the Chunk you are standing on. This protects this Chunk to your Town.

Once you have created your Town, you now get access to the "/Town" Command, which helps you manage everything. 

If you click on the "Settings" Button, you get the ability to change all your Towns Settings by clicking them in the Chat. You can change all your Town Flags here, which are basically "Permissions". Take note of the Plot Types. Regular is ALL the Chunks/Plots in your that you have claimed with i.e Auto Claim. Farms are i.e Public Farms that you can set up, and Plots are Plots that your Town Members can Claim. More about this in the Plots Section further down!

You can use the "Plot" Button to enter the "Plot" Menu. As a Town Mayor/Owner you can use the "Farm" and "Plot" settings here. Clicking the "Farm" button makes the Chunk you are standing in a Public Farm Plot. Click the "Plot" button makes the Chunk you are standing in a Plot that your Members can Claim. Your Members can use the "Claim Button" to Claim a Plot Chunk. If you are a Plot Owner and you wish to add a Friend to your Plot, simply click the "Add Member" button and Enter their Name. Do take note that your Members can only Build/Break in their own Plots, unless you set their Town Rank to "Trustee".

The "Members" button allows you to easily Manage your members. You can Promote/Demote your Members here, giving them access to help you with various Town Management Tasks. You can also Add new Town Members here by clicking the Invite button.

Other than that, you have the "Deposit" button, which allows you to add Money to your Town. All your members can do this and it increases the levels of your Town. The higher Level your Town is, the more Land you can Claim and the more Members you can have. The "Auto Claim" button will Claim Land for your Town on the Chunks that you run into. The "Info" button has some general information and the "Spawn" button will send you to your Town Spawn.

We hope you are excited about our custom Towny experience! If you have suggestions for changes/features, please do let us know! I highly recommend checking out the Video at the top of the post, as this one has a lot of information and it might be easier to watch the video on how it all functions! If you have questions though, feel free to ask! We are always here to help.

Thanks for reading!

- Rentera Management

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On Rentera there will be a lot of Quests for you to do! Quests is your way to earn cool unique reward, such as money, cosmetics, legendary weapons/armor or even pets and mounts! Quests can be found all over /Spawn but also via the /Quest Menu.
Most normal Quests will reset after 24 Hours, meaning you can do them Daily for monetary rewards. The more Unique Quests like ones giving you Gear, Mounts, Pets or Perks are one-time only!

You can browse your Quests via the /Quest menu. You will be able to see your Finished, Not Started and Completed Quests in this menu.

Alternatively, you can run around and explore Rentera Town and find various Quests scattered around the area. NPC's will have Yellow Particles above their head if they have a Quest for you. Quest NPC's will also always have a green name and have two-word names, such as Farmer Fae.

Once you have accepted a Quest, an explanation of the quest will apepar in chat. If you forget what you need to do, you can use /Quest to see "Quests In Progress" to check your current step. You can also see your current Quest Steps on our Side Tracker/Scoreboard.

In this case, Farmer Fae wants us to kill 5 Rats! When killing Monsters, there will be a little Flame Particle above their head, to indiciate that this is a Quest Monster.

Once you have done the task, you can head back to the Quest Giver NPC for your reward and then you can do it again after 24 Hours!

That is more or less all there is to know about our Quest System! Feel free to ask on our Discord if there is anything extra you would like to know!

Thanks for reading!

- Rentera Management

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Player Commands

This page will include an up to date Command List for all players playing on Rentera! You should check this regularly as new things will be added every now and then.

Teleport Commands:

  • /Spawn - Sends you to Rentera's World Spawn.
  • /Tpa [Username] - Sends a Teleport Request to a User. This request TP's you to them.
  • /Tpahere [Username] - Sends a Teleport Request to a User. This request TP's them to you.
  • /Teleport - Opens up a Menu for our Teleport UIs (RTP, Player Warps and RPG Warps)
  • /Resource - Sends you to the Resource World.
  • /Nether - Sends you to the Nether World.
  • /Town Spawn - Sends you to your Town Spawn.
  • /RTP - Sends you to a Random Teleport Location on the World or Resource World.
  • /PW - Opens up the Private Warps Menu.

General Useage Commands:

  • /SetHome [Home Name] - Sets your Home location and gives it a specific name.
  • /Home [Home Name] - Teleports you to your Home with the specified name.
  • /Home - Opens a UI where you can teleport to your Homes.
  • /Delhome [Home Name] - Deletes a Home with the specified Name.
  • /Vault - Opens up a Private Vault where you can store your items.
  • /Store - Sends you a Store Link
  • /Discord - Sends you a Discord Invite Link
  • /Jobs - Opens up a Jobs UI where you can select your Jobs
  • /Jobs Stats - Shows Stats about your current Jobs.
  • /Jobs Info [Jobname] - Shows specific Info about a Job.
  • /Help - Opens up a Help Menu with Links to Wiki pages
  • /AH - Opens up the Auction House Panels where you can browse Items for Sale.
  • /Pets - Opens up your Pets and Mounts Menu.
  • /Skills - Opens up your Skills Menu. Here you can see all current skill levels and unlocks.
  • /Activities - Opens up a Menu with suggested things to do.
  • /Quest - Opens up a Quest Menu where you can track all your Quest Data.
  • /Wardrobe - Sends you to the Tailor where you can edit your Cosmetics.
  • /Town - Opens up the Town Menu
  • /Town Create [Town Name Here] - Create a Town with the specified name.
  • /Town Info - Shows Info about your Town.
  • /Autoclaim - Auto Claims land for your Town if you are a Mayor.
  • /Eggs - Opens up Easter Eggs Menu where you can see your found Hidden Eggs.
  • /Pay [Username] [Amount] - Sends a money payment to a User.
  • /Class - Picks your Main class.
  • /Profile - General Shortcut Menu.
  • /Skills - Pick skills for your Class.

Donator Perks:

  • /Workbench - Allows you to open a Portable Workbench.
  • /Pweather - Allows you to set your personal Weather.
  • /Ptime - Allows you to set your personal Time.
  • /Feed - Allows you to replenish your Saturation Bar. Comes with a cooldown!
  • /Condense - Allows you to condense materials, i.e Diamonds to Diamond Blocks.
  • /Back - Allows you to return to i.e a Death Location.
  • /Nickname - Allows you to set your Nickname.


As mentioned at the top, I will try to keep this list updated and as accurate as possible! Please check back in regularly :D

Thanks for reading!

- Rentera Management


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Chest Protection

We have a Chest Protection system which will automatically protect any Chest you place on the ground. This means that only yourself and the people you add to a Trust List, will be allowed to use your Chests.
It is your responsibility to make sure you only add trust worthy people to your own Chests!


When you place down a Chest, you will see in the Chat that it has automatically been protected to you.

If you then Shift-Left-Click your chest, it will open up a UI where you can change various Settings. You can start with assigning a Custom Name to your Chest.

You can click the Members Menu to allow your friends to use your Chest too. Simply click it, then click the Trust Player button, and type their name. They can both take and add items to this Chest.

If you know you are going to be sharing a lot of Chests with your friends, it might be ideal to make Groups. You can use the Group Menu for this. Once in there, simply click Create Group and give it a name. You can now add Members specifically to this Group, and select this group on Chests that you place.

This covers most features of Chest Protection! For a more detailed and in-depth explanation of the system, check the video linked at the top of this page!

Thanks for reading!

- Rentera Management


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Seasonal Events

On Rentera Online we will always do our best to come out with regular content updates! This includes Seasonal Events, such as Valentines, Easter, Summer, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas! You can expect to see a new set of Event Themed Tools and/or Weapons for each one! 
Our Events will usually consist of some type of Treasure Hunt, Boss Fight and Quest!

To check out a current Event, you can keep yourself updated by looking at our Website or checking the City Square ingame. There will always be some decoration there with NPC's and Event related things.

If an NPC is present, you can Right-Click them twice to start a Event Specific Quest Line.

Spread around Rentera's RPG Map (Outskirts just outside of Town!) you will also find Event Related Bosses! You should kill these with your friends to earn a Event Currency.

Take your Event Currency and use it at the Event Vendor at Town Square. You can choose what Rewards you wish to buy!

We hope that you will enjoy all of our Seasonal Events! If you have feedback on Events that you would like to see, feel free to let us know on Discord as well!

Thanks for reading!

- Rentera Management

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Custom Crafting

As an Adventurer on Rentera, you are able to Craft Powerful Weapons and Armor by farming things in various RPG Areas! Once you gather enough materials from both Vanilla Monsters but also Custom Monsters and Bosses, you can craft Custom Weapons, Shields and Armor at our Blacksmiths. You can check out the Starter Blacksmith at /Spawn. Remember to check other RPG Areas for Zone Specific Blacksmiths!

All our Blacksmith's has a small Smithing Station! Walk up to them and Right-Click their Table to get started.

At the /Spawn Blacksmith, you have two options! You can Craft Event related Weapons and Armor or choose to Craft Spawn/Introduction Weapons, which are intended to be used as a way for you to learn how to use the system. In this example, we are using the Spawn Crafting one.

In the Spawn Crafting Menu, you see a bunch of items you can Craft and Upgrade. Upgrading is a way to use Left Over Materials that will empower your weapon. Hovering over an Item shows you a few options, such as Required Ingredients/Materials, Left-Click to Craft and Right-Click to Preview.

If we Right-Click to Preview, you get a UI where you can see all the Required Materials plus the Stats of your Crafted Item. This weapon Requires 2 Custom Materials plus a Stick.

The Custom Materials the weapon needed are Amethyst Shards and Amethyst Ingots, which are Custom Drops from our RPG Monsters. Goblins outside of Spawn will drop the Amethyst Shards.

And the more Hidden Amethyst Golem Boss will drop the Amethyst Ingot!

Once you have all the Required Materials/Ingredients, you can head back to the Blacksmith at /Spawn to Craft your Item. You can just hit Left-Click on the Preview window to Quick-Craft it.

Congratulations! You should now have crafted your first Custom Weapon/Shield/Armor! New Weapons/Armors will be released regularly and you will find them at Blacksmithing Station in the new RPG Zones - There will be Quests leading you there!

We hope that you're excited to get farming for all these Custom Weapons and Armors that we have! We are very excited to be releasing new updated Weapons/Armors every few months!

Thanks for reading!

- Rentera Management

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Auction House

You can use our Auction House to sell high valueable items, such as Custom Weapons and Armor. The Auction House should NOT be used for normal basic vanilla items. You can find the Auction House at /Spawn or you can simply use the command /AH to get started.

Using the /AH command gives you a simple UI, where you can either browse All Auctions or check your Own Auctions.

Clicking on the Left Button, All Auctions, you can see what is currently being sold on Rentera via the Auction System. This is an example of our Halloween Special Weapon, Staff of the Crypt Keeper. If you wanted to Purchase this, you could simply Left-Click. Shift + Right-Clicking will cancel the Auction if it is your own.

If you click on the Second Button, Your Auctions, you can see a list of Auctions that you own. Here you can Left-Click an Item to Cancel it's Auction.

Once cancelled, your Item can be picked up from the Expired Auctions Button. Simply Left-Click your Item in this UI.

To create your first Auction, you can type /pa sell [Price Here] - This will put up an Auction for the Item that you are currently holding. Do keep in mind that creating an Auction costs 500 Money and is only intended for high value Items!

We hope you will use the Auction House as intended! Remember it is intended for High Value Items such as Custom Items/Armor/Weapons. For more normal Minecraft Items, you should be using our Shopkeeper System to make your own Player Shops!

Thanks for reading!

- Rentera Management

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Bug Catching

In Rentera's Wilderness and RPG Areas, you might occassionally run into insects and various bugs! If you have bought yourself a Bug Net at /spawn, you can catch these! They can be trade in for cool rewards as well at the Bug Rewards Trader.

Buy your first Bug Net at the Bug Merchant! After getting your Bug Net, you can start capturing Bugs!

Out in the Wilderenss or RPG Areas you can encounter Rare Bugs or Insect. You should always aim to catch them all!

If you manage to catch a super Rare 3 Star Bug/Insect, you can trade it for cool Rewards at the Bug House!

One of our really cool 3 Star Snail rewards is a Unique Mount - He might not be the fastest, but he is cute as heck!

Happy mount and bug huting traveller! We hope you manage to get some cool rewards for yourself!

Thanks for reading!

- Rentera Management

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Warps & Teleporters

Throughout Rentera's Spawn you will find Teleporters! These Teleporters allow you to quickly travel around to i.e Player Warps, Server Warps or Random Teleports/Wilderness. Here's a quick little introduction on how to use them and how to get your own Warps set up.

Speak to the Teleporter, or use the /Teleport or /Warps command to see the options!

As you can see in the Teleports Menu, you have options to use a Wild (Teleports to a Random Location in Wilderness - Here you can build and play Survival!), Player Warps (Warps set up by players, usually used for Shops!) and RPG Warps (RPG Warps are for our future RPG Zones!).

Clicking on Player Warps gives you a new Menu - /Warps. In this Menu, you can browse ALL Player Warps or Manage your own. To create a warp, you require money and a place to put it! Go to the place where you want your Warp to be, and type "/PW set [Name Here].

That is more or less all there is to Player Warps and our Teleporters! You can check out the more indepth video on how to manage a warp - it should be quite easy and straight forward though!

Thanks for reading!

- Rentera Management

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Making Money is essential on any RPG/Economy based Minecraft Server! One of the ways to make money on here is by taking on Jobs! Jobs allows you to make money from doing normal tasks that you are more or less doing all the time!

Visit the Jobs NPC at /Spawn, or type /Jobs to get started!

If you Right-Click him, you will have a Menu where you can select your Jobs. You can have 3 Active Jobs at a time. Simply Click the Job you would like to join. In this case I joined "Digger".

Now, whenever I am doing Digging related Tasks, I get some amount of Money automatically. You can see this in your "Action Bar". You can level up your Jobs meaning you eventually get more Money for doing your Tasks. "Points" is the Jobs Experience being awarded.

Jobs is an engaging way for you to make money! Remember there is also Leaderboards at /Spawn, if you like a little competition!

Thanks for reading!

- Rentera Management

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Custom Food

We have a lot of extra cool Food you can craft by using Vanilla Items! Since this is Custom Food, it can also be used as Decorations! You can eat the custom food by Shift + Left-Clicking. Right-Click will place it on the the block you're clicking.

Here's a list of all current Food Recipes!

We will be adding much more Custom Food in the future! Keep an eye on the Main Page of our site for updates on this!

Thanks for reading!

- Rentera Management

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Auto Farms

Our Auto Farmers allow you to farm materials such as Seeds/Crops but also Wood! This is a perfect way to earn yourself some materials why practically being AFK! They can all be bought for ingame money and is a must have!

Check out this super quick Video Tutorial that I have made!

I hope you enjoy our Auto Farmers and that you find a good use for them!

Thanks for reading!

- Rentera Management